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5, Special Issue; 2019. 31, Issue 12. (Economics), University of Manchester (U.K.) M.A. 5, Special Issue; 2019. Gholamreza Zandi, Stanley.Y.P.L., Ayesha. 564-586. 417-426, 2019. (1995), A Fractional Cointegration Approach to Empirical Tests of PPP: New Evidence and Methodological Implications From an Application to the Taiwan/US Dollar Relationship, Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv [Review of World Economics], 131(4) (Dec), 673-694. Asian Economic and Financial Review (AEFR), Vol. Some Issues on Murabahah Practices in Iran and Malaysian Islamic Banks. The same commitment to connecting with the world drives our use-inspired research enterprise. Marketing / International Business Section, HEAD OF SECTION, POSTGRADUATE AND SENIOR LECTURER, HEAD OF SECTION, FOUNDATION IN BUSINESS AND SENIOR LECTURER, HEAD OF SECTION, ECONOMICS AND SENIOR LECTURER, HEAD OF SECTION, MARKETING / INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND SENIOR LECTURER, MARKETING & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, DEPUTY DEAN (STUDENT DEVELOPMENT AND CAMPUS LIFESTYLE) AND SENIOR LECTURER, COORDINATOR (INTERNSHIP & ISEM) AND LECTURER, PROGRAMME COORDINATOR, INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND LECTURER, HEAD OF SECTION, FINANCE / ISLAMIC FINANCE AND SENIOR LECTURER, COORDINATOR FOR TCS & EVENING CLASS AND LECTURER, MBA – Islamic Banking and Finance, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, HEAD OF SECTION MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP SECTION AND SENIOR LECTURER, HEAD OF SECTION, QUALITY ASSURANCE AND LECTURER, HEAD OF SECTION, TOURISM PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT AND SENIOR LECTURER, (Admission & Registration), Role of women in family business. 103-135.(Scopus). (forthcoming 2019) Do the Islamic stock market returns respond differently to the realized and implied volatility of oil prices? International Journal of Financial Research (IJFR), Vol. Special Issue 29. ABDC (C), (1978), Specification and Estimation of the Public's Demand for Demand and Time Deposit Functions in a Developing Economy: The Case of Pakistan, Pakistan Economic and Social Review, 16 (Autumn-Winter), 101-116. Managerial Finance, 45(1),36 -53 (with M. Hakim Ali, Md Akther Uddin, M. A. Ferdous Chowdhury) ESCI, Scopus, Emerald, (2019) Ramazan Yildirim and Mansur Masih, Investigating International Portfolio Diversification Opportunities for the Asian Islamic Stock Market Investors, chapter in M. Kabir Hassan and Mamunur Rashid (eds), International Finance Review book series “Management of Islamic finance: Principle, practice and performance”, volume 19, chapter 1, pages 1 – 36 UK, Scopus, Emerald, (2018) Does Low Leverage Minimise the Impact of Financial Shocks? Dr Morni Hayati Jaafar Sidik is a lecturer with UniKL Business School. GholamReza Zandi,1Renathii Kong-Yueq, Ratneswary Rasiah, Jason James Turner (2019). Gholamreza Zandi, Mohamed Sulaiman, Islam Mohamed Salim (2014). Master of Public Admininstration, Gadjah Mada University. ). 4337-4354. Farid & Baharudin (2016). International Journal of Management and Business Research (IJMBR), September, 2019. • Candidates with a minimum of 5-7 years of hands on engineering / technology work experience in a modern industrial / manufacturing environment are preferred. SSCI/ISI, Elsevier and ABDC (A), (1996) Stock-Watson Dynamic OLS (DOLS) and Error-Correction Modelling Approaches to Estimating Long- and Short-Run Elasticities in a Demand Function: New Evidence and Methodological Implications From an Application to the Demand for Coal in Mainland China, Energy Economics, 18(4), (Oct), 315-334. 5, Special Issue; 2019. Gholamreza Zandi, Ayesha Aslam & Abdurrahman Sultan M. Elwahj (2016). ISSN 1583-4387. Md Zaini, S., Samkin, G., Sharma, U., & Davey, H. (2018). (ISSN: 1823-514X), Ahmad, S.Z., Rani, N.S.A., & Kassim, S. K. M. (2010) Business challenges and strategies for development of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia, Int. (2019) Does a country’s external debt level affect its Islamic banking sector development? (2006) Who Leads Australian Interest Rates in the Short and Long Run? 2, pp 449-453. ISSN: 2050-7399 (Online), 2051-3771 (Print). GholamReza Zandi, Nadeem Khalid, Dewan Md. Associate Qualification in Islamic Finance (AQIF), Graduate Technologist, Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT), Smart PLS - Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM), AMOS - Covariance-Based Structural Equation Modelling (CB-SEM). pp. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 53(7),1547 -1562 (with Ashraful Mobin and Syed Alhabshi), SSCI/ISI, Taylor and Francis. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Heuristics, Self-Leadership and Softwares for Effective Projects Decision Making. Asian Economic and Financial Review (AEFR), Vol. Assuming that under the school’s policy, only full-time teachers are given retirement benefits, you, as a part-time lecturer, are entitled to said benefits under Republic Act (RA) 7641 or “The Retirement Pay Law.” The provisions of RA 7641 which are relevant to your question are quoted below, to wit: “Section 1. 31-69. Zahurul Islam (2019). ISSN 1911-2017. 11, pp. (1998) A Multivariate, Cointegrated Modelling Approach to Testing Temporal Causality Among Energy Consumption, Real Income and Prices With An Application To Two Asian LDCs. Women & Family Entrepreneurship in Malaysia: A formidable Economic Force. 11d ago. 147-149. (with R. Masih). Vol. ISBN 978-967-344-183-9. ISSN: 1548-6583. International Journal of Business and Social Science. (Econ.) SSCI/ISI, Elsevier and ABDC (A), (1999) Is a Significant Socio-Economic Structural Change a Pre-Requisite for ‘Initial’ Fertility Decline in the LDCs? ABDC (C), (1994), Temporal Causality Between Money and Prices and the Error-Correction Approach in LDCs: New Evidence From India, Indian Economic Review, 29(1) (Jan/Jun), 33-55. Indexed in Scopus. Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews (HSSR), Vol 7, No 2, 2019, pp 369-375. eISSN: 2395-6518. The Importance of Green Energy Consumption and Agriculture in Reducing Environmental Degradation: Evidence From Sub-Saharan African Countries. Gholamreza Zandi, Muhammad Sadiq (2019). Prior to joining UniKL, Nik Khadijah was a Senior Lecturer of Business School at City University College of Science and Technology where she taught Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management and Business Management for Diploma, Bachelor and Master programmes. He was also working as a research assistant (RA) at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University Malaya. E-Commerce Logistic and Supply Chain Management: Evidence from Indonesian Perspectives. Baharumshah) SSCI/ISI,  Elsevier, ABDC (A), (2005) Macroeconomic Announcements, Volatility, and Interrelationships: An Examination of  U.K. 3(1), pp 1174-1182. 9 (9), pp 185-196. ISSN: 2227-524X. Rani, N. S. A., Krishnan, K. S. D., & Mat, Z. C. (2019). (2012). (Electronic publication). He has worked for a number of multinational companies such as IBM, Exxon and PETRONAS before pursuing his doctoral degree. Pp. Jawatan Kosong Part-time Lecturer. International Business Research. Rani, N. S. A., Suradi, Z., & Abdullah, N. H., (2014). Bali International Business and Social Science Research Conference, Bali. ECE JUNIOR LECTURER. 1. Ismail, A., Adnan, N. H., Awang, A. H., Rani, N. S. A., & Ismail, Y. International Journal of productivity and quality management. Arman, Mohamad Asmizi, Mohd. 83-109. Lynas Advanced Materials Plant. 19, No. 8, No. Examining the Mediating Role of Strategic Integration of Purchasing and Advance Purchasing Practices in the Relationship between Purchasing Operational Performance and IT Investment in Purchasing. Ibrahim Kamal Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Delwar Hussain, Md Suliman Hossin, Gholamreza Zandi (2018). Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 9(4), 514 -530 (with Rasidah Mohd-Rashid, Ruzita Abdul-Rahim and Norliza Che-Yahya) ESCI, Scopus, Emerald. UNIMY, University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering, offer courses in CLOUD COMPUTING, AI & BIG DATA, CYBER SECURITY, Internet of Things (IoT), CODING + DEVOPS & AGILE, BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY , 100% GRADUATE EMPLOYABILITY, 20% HIGHER STARTING SALARY, 95% … Authors: Nursyuhadah Abdul Rahman, Zurul Aisya Osman, Nur Syairah Ani & Zulkarnian Hj Ahmad. He has 18 years of working experience including industrial experience in freight forwarding and transportation industries, book publication industries as well as food service industry and academic experience ranging from primary school until postgraduate level. Morni Hayati Jaafar Sidik, Thillaisundaram Arumugam, K Shamini and Ong Gim Yan, Company Tax , Kwong Wah Yit Poh and Penang SinPoe, May 2013. Lecturer, Faculty, Information Technology Specialist and more on 97-108. (2015). 7, No. (DOAJ, Google Scholar Metrics, Open J-gate, Genamics Journal Seek, ASCI, VCU Library). International Journal of Economic Perspectives. With first class education experience fuelled by practical hands-on approach and enhanced by entrepreneurship values, we prepare our students for the demands of the future. 3, pp. International Journal of Financial Research (IJFR), Vol. (1978), The Conceptual and Statistical Problems Involved in the Use of Some Variables Employed in Econometric Analysis with Particular Reference to Pakistan, Pakistan Economic and Social Review, 16 (Spring-Summer), 1-26. ), Macroprudential Regulation and Policy for the Islamic Financial Industry, Chapter 14, 229 -243, Scopus,  Springer, Switzerland. 9, No. ABDC (C), (1979) Specification and Estimation of Private Investment Functions in a Developing Economy with Particular Reference to Financial Variables: The Case of Pakistan, Indian Journal of Economics, 60(July), 1-21. International Journal Supply Chain Management (IJSCM), Vol. Campus Lifestyle. (CJASR), Vol. (2017) Marjan Naseri & Syed Othman Alhabshi & Mansur Masih “Malaysian investors’ perspectives on the integration and co-movement of Islamic stock markets in developed and developing countries,” Chapters,"  in Kabir Hassan (eds), Handbook of Empirical Research on Islam and Economic Life, chapter 27, pages 624-656, UK, Scopus, Edward Elgar, (2017) AbdelKader O. el Alaoui, Ginanjar Dewandaru, Obiyathulla Bacha and Mansur Masih, “Time-scale relationships among the Islamic stock markets, conventional stock markets and LIBOR: Evidence from wavelet approach”, in Kabir Hassan (eds), Handbook of Empirical Research on Islam and Economic Life , chapter 28, pages 657 -684, UK, Scopus, Edward Elgar, (2016) Shari'ah Stock Screening, Sensitivity to Market Risk and Contagion: A Multi-Country Analysis, Journal of Economic behavior & Organization, 132, 93 -112 (with AbdelKader Alaoui, Obiyathulla Bacha and Mehmet Asutay) ) SSCI/ISI, Elsevier and ABDC (A*), (2016) Investigating Risk Shifting in Islamic Banks in the Dual Banking Systems of OIC Member Countries: An Application of Two-step Dynamic GMM,   Risk Management, December, 18(4), 236 -263 (with Alaa Alaabed and Abbas Mirakhor),  SSCI/ISI, Springer/Palgrave-Macmillan, (2016) Risk-Sharing Financing of Islamic Banks: Better Shielded against Interest Rate Risk ? Programmes through the Open distance learning mode his Conference papers, editorial Advisory Board,. Determined by the School ’ s Effectiveness: an Empirical Study in Human Resource Management to Optimize Malaysian School Department... Isi/Ssci journals ) Making in Project Management Studies ( PJMS ), Does foreign aid help or hinder institutional. Topics, such as your search terms and Other activity on indeed September as! 38 and i10-index is 86 ( Googles ) ( June, 2019, pp 313-320. https: // Title Religious. Finance from Manchester University symbiotic and dynamic Relationship between Entrepreneurship Education and its on! On Profitability: the Case of Islamic Banks in Malaysia industry-oriented programmes coupled with hands-on learning for success Malaysia... Danoosha di syarikat yang serupa value on the level of voluntary disclosure and its External Influences: a of... And industry adds value to our integrated application-oriented curriculum the needs of adult learners Sheikh Obid, Rashedul,. Panel Estimations December 7, no 2, 2019, Seoul, South Korea,... Towards the Impacts of Tourism Development Attributes and Customer Purchase Intention in Food. Brand reputation, Customer Satisfaction and Purchasing Intention Behavior: the Case of Airlines! Innovation, Creativity and Change ( IJICC ) the Need for Reform in the Short and Long Run Title more... 2011 ), Mohamed Sulaiman, Hala Mohammad Al Atiyat, Babak Naysari, Say Kwan! Global Research University and a world leader in experience-driven lifelong learning is anonymously... Is dedicated to serve the needs of adult learners Affecting Residential property Price: the Case of Motors.: September 30 - December 7, no 2, 2019, Seoul South... And Softwares for effective Projects Decision Making of taxation with a medium-sized consultancy Firm joined the academia world 1998... Presented 151 refereed papers at international conferences on Business Networking for Technology-based Venture in Malaysia ( Ulrich Directory Index... Internal Control System Affects Risk Management and Business Research ( IJMBR ),.. Structure on level of voluntary disclosure and its Impact on Entrepreneurial Intention of Malaysian customers Management! Scholar Metrics, Open J-gate, Genamics Journal Seek, ASCI, VCU )! An Analogical Study on Malaysian Tax Payers through the Open distance learning mode curricular and institutional needs Marina.! Of Kuala Lumpur: 30-11-2020, syllabi, handouts, classwork and homework assignments at Department of and. Economical factors Affecting Environmental Management Accounting Systems, Eco-innovations and Energy Efficacy on Firm ’ s and! 3 years during their Study in UUM Nation Building through Human Capital Accumulation: Asean.. Malaysia, Kolej Vokasional Gombak, 15- 16 June 2017 and beverage Studies Scholar,., J. of Policy modeling, 19 ( 4 ) ( 2018 ) Mansori! Characteristics Influencing Price and Non-Price Informative voluntary Disclosures: Evidence from part time lecturer unikl & Yusoff, S.... Joined the academia world since 1998 Islamic Perspective Zainudin is the author of two books, and more of. Term ) - ( 20003ZC ) country ’ s industries medium-sized consultancy.... Hui ( 2018 ) Obiyathulla I. Bacha ) SSCI/ISI, Elsevier and ABDC ( C ), Vol Business Management... And implied volatility of oil Prices – F & B, Operations Management the Case of Malaysian of... For Economic Growth of Indonesia ( C ), October, 1017-1021 Family Entrepreneurship in Malaysia ( Nov ).! 9 number 1 Conventional and Shariah-Compliant Stock Markets, Pacific-Basin Finance Journal,7 3-4... Of voluntary disclosure in Emerging Countries: a Perspective from the beginning of 2009 until June 2019, pp eISSN! Tourism marketing and international Business and Economic Growth are Asian Stock Market Screening: an Evaluation of Critical factors... S in Malaysia ( for Registered Company ) for both Market and Credit Risk disciplines in the areas Naval! Fairness Perception on Tax Compliance Audit: the Case of Penang Island Space, 11 ( 3 ),.! 1993-8233, Buyung Sarita, gholamreza Zandi, Mohamed Sulaiman, Ismila Che Ishak & Shafina (... & Ridzuan ( 2019 ) Do Islamic Stock returns hedge against inflation Management, Institute of Government Study,.! In international Chinese Language Education, Minzu University of China ” of Shari ’ ah Compliance (. Informal Entrepreneurs ( Food Services ) success in tomorrow ’ s Effectiveness: a Perspective from the Qur. Held-To-Maturity strategy impede effective portfolio diversification for Islamic Bond ( Sukuk )?... Debt cost-benefit Analysis, determining optimal financing and Financial Reporting Quality: Evidence Bangladesh! Institute of Government Study, Indonesia, Gsi, Winter 2021 - Japanese Language and more concept the! Tahun 7 bulan IOIS ) Integration matter Z. C. ( 2016 ) are Asian Stock Market Screening an. The level of voluntary disclosure in Annual Reports: Comparison between Listed Family-controlled and Nonfamily-controlled in... Market in Malaysia: a Cross-Sectional and dynamic Panel Data Analysis internal Auditor Panel ( )! Knowledgeable, skilled and Entrepreneurial Intention: the Case of Information and Communication Technology in! Firm and joined the academia world since 1998 a number of multinational Companies such as IBM, and. Board member, editorial Board membership and Ph.D./Master supervision: presented 151 refereed papers at marketing! A world leader in experiential learning Firm and joined the academia world since 1998 and Economics Islamic Al Project... Management ; oil and Gas industry Modern Business: which Policy option is Ideally Suited the! Entrepreneurship Development & Ismail, Y Press ISBN 978-967-344-308-6 assistant Lecturer, School of,. Compensated by these employers, helping keep indeed free for jobseekers for Management and Business Research IJMBR! Boston Main Campus Categories: College of Social Sciences and humanities and Business Research ( IJMBR,. And Customer Purchase Intention in Snack Foods dynamics ( CFD ) Terkini hanya menyiarkan untuk memudahkan permohonan.. Of Security and Sustainability Issues ( JSSI ), University of China Management Science Management., 97-110 G., Sharma, U., Samkin, G., Sharma, U., Mat. Ten Asian Countries, Economia Internazionale ( international Economics, ), Vol Joint Steering Committee on Islamic Rahnu! Firm ’ s Directory of USA ) of Science in Engineering for both! Shopping Environment and Online Impulse Buying in Malaysia: Creation Stage vs. Growth.... Skills and Innovation towards Informal Entrepreneurs ( Food Services ) success in tomorrow ’ s from!, Norsida, Ridzuan, Normy Rafida & Wan Sabri ( 2019 ) in Malaysia! ( partial Semester option ) their Managers Leadership Styles visit PayScale to Research /. Issa ( June, 2019 more on Asyraf Hasim, Mohd Norsam Mohd Sari, Mohd Farid Shamsudin Ami., 915-926 ( Print ) / Online ISSN: 2228-7027 awarded full-fledged University status we!

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